How to Prevent and Cure Sleep Apnea

There are now various techniques to cure sleep apnea. What used to be a cause for alarm and worry for some people can now be prevented with the use of modern gadgets and methods of conditioning and preparing oneself. Your doctor or therapist, after assessing the nature of your problem and the circumstances that cause it, can recommend an appropriate method, or combination of methods, that will work best with you.

There are different kinds of sleep apnea, and therefore different ways of curing it. The effective way to cure sleep apnea will also depend on the person’s sleeping patterns, lifestyle, and in certain cases on the anatomic structure of the individual’s oral cavity. The most severe cases usually involve the last, where often, surgery may be necessary to cure sleep apnea. Depending on the nature of the physical obstruction that causes the interrupted breathing during sleep, surgery may involve the removal of obstructive tissue in the throat, enlarging the space for air passage through jaw surgery, or implanting a kind of an artificial airway in the throat so that air can pass freely even when the person is sleeping.

Simpler Ways for More Common Cases

For most people, however, sleep apnea is not so severe as to require any of the above surgical procedures. For these less serious cases, simpler techniques may be applied to cure sleep apnea. Since sleep apnea often occurs when a person is lying on his back, simply using an apnea pillow is usually enough to ensure unobstructed breathing throughout one’s sleeping hours. The apnea pillow keeps a sleeping person on a sideways position or flat on his stomach, and prevents him from turning while sleeping so that he does not get to lie prone on his back.

There is also a kind of gadget that can be fitted into one’s mouth. When worn, this mouthpiece provides breathing space at the throat and keeps this space open even if the mouth and the jaw move while the person is sleeping. This device requires a dentist to fit it in the mouth, and also requires a dentist to check at least once a year to make sure that the device is properly positioned and working well.

Acupuncture, which many claim can relieve a number of different ailments and health problems, has been found by some people to have helped them cure their sleep apnea. Still others resort to breathing machines designed to cure sleep apnea.

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