Serenite Jr. Review – Natural Sleep Aid For Children

Serenite Jr. Natural Sleep Aid For Babies Over 6 Months

Serenite Jr. Natural Sleep Aid is a natural formula that is gentle enough for babies over six months and children up to the age of 14. So how safe are natural sleep aids for kids and do they really help? My review will discuss all your concerns about the ingredients, side effects and how it helps. Your child’s sleep disturbances can become an issue…and not only for them. If their sleeping schedule gets out of order it can make them extremely tired and cranky…and you too!

Natural Sleep Aids For Children

Serenite Jr. Remedy

When sleepless nights continue for long periods of time, it can disrupt the natural balance and harmony in your home. This is where a natural sleep aid for children can help.

Serenite Jr Formula
Serenite Jr is an all natural remedy to help your little one get to sleep and stay asleep. As parents there are things that we can do to assist our child to get to sleep, such as setting a routine with bathing, story time and bed time.

We can also eliminate certain activities and any extra stimulation of playing before bed time.

However, even the most well meaning parents will sometimes find that no matter how firm the routine or happy and secure the child, there is still a struggle with getting them off to sleep.

Concerns About Baby Sleeping Formulas

It can also be a concern when we decide to give our baby a sleeping formula to help them get to sleep. We hear so many negatives and wonder if it is the right thing for us to do. However if you choose a natural formula, especially one that is homeopathic, your concerns about using prescription medicines are over.

This natural homeopathic formula can help:

  • Too get your baby’s sleep pattern re-established
  • Soothe teething problems that might cause sleep disturbances
  • Provide a deep, refreshing sleep
  • Settle fussiness and restlessness.

Serenite Jr Ingredients and Side Effects

Serenite Jr.™ contains 100% natural herbal ingredients that are non habit forming and have shown to have no negative side effects. It is an easy to administer liquid formula that allows it to work quickly to soothe your child’s agitation and has shown to be of benefit within 5-10 minutes. Everyone is different though, so it may be a bit longer in others.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients that make up this formula:

  • Chamomile – Known as the world’s most soothing plant and is also a well known digestive tonic and teething aid.
  • Passion Flower – Promotes harmony and health in the nervous system.
  • Coffea – Remedy for sleep health.
  • Cina – is effective in supporting calm nights and is also used as a digestive tonic.

Serenite Jr.Serenite Jr. by Native Remedies may be the help your child needs to help soothe their restless nights. It is a proven safe, natural remedy for insomnia and sleep problems in babies over 6 months of age and children up to the age of 14.

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About Charles Moore

If you suffer with a sleep disorder or just have occasional sleep problems like so many of us do, perhaps you will find a natural solution here. I am not a doctor...just someone that uses natural solutions for all health issues.


  1. Suzanne says:

    Sounds positively perfect! I was looking for a natural remedy for my son as he just won’t sleep no matter what I do. I have bought some over the counter medicines that the chemist recommended I try but they didn’t seem to work.

    I don’t know if I was imagining things but I think they made him worse.I can’t remember the name of one my friend gave me, but it made him sick. It could have been a coincidence but I am not sure and I am too scared to tell my doctor I used someone’s elses prescription.

    If this is safe for kids over 6 months then that’s great! My son is almost 12 months of age so it should be good. Now to see if it works!

    • Hi Suzanne,

      I’m very happy to see you are trying a natural sleep aid for your son rather than a prescriptive one. I am not your doctor, but I am sure you are aware of potential dangers when using someone else’s prescription. I at least can see you are worried about telling your doctor…so you obviously understand the potential consequences.

      I am however, very hopeful that Serenite Jr will help your son get the ‘natural’ sleep he needs.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Regards, Charles

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